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Good Question about Horsepower

OK, here is a question that has been stumping me for a few days.  
Doens't really have anything to do with Audi, but it is some good info to 

Horsepower in Germany is measured on the wheel.  So the power goes from the 
engine to the tranny to the CV to the wheel(I might of missed a few things 
between, but I'm real sure someone will fill those in for me).  

Horsepower in Japan is measured from the engine.  So this obviously doesn't 
go though all the things the Germans do, plus the germans have the A/C on and 
all the options on that consume power from the engine.)

The US measure power from the muffler(SAE).  

When cars are imported into the US they are again measured using the SAE 
method with the Muffler.  So.....

My Honda Prelude has 195hps for HOA(Honda of America).  This was measured in 
Japan.  But in the US it is still 195hps.  I know some Horsepower is lost 
Or take my car.  It says it has 164hps from AoA.  But this was measured in 
Germany.  What is the real horsepower?  Are any horsepower measurements 

I was reading Turbo mag. and found a car that was totally modded.  It was a 
Honda Prelude with(originally 195) 288hps.  But that was from the engine.  
When they did the test on the wheel, it only measured 244.  44HPs 
difference??  WOW!

Does this mean my 164hps car actually is 218hps? 

Confused in Washington State,

Jason C
89 200t10v
Redmond WA