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Re: high oil temp???

Ed Shiers writes:
> The problem is that the oil temperature is reading high - I've seen 
> it climb to 118 when driven gently and have been told that 100 is 
> high.

These engines are designed to be hot running.  Assuming your gauge
is accurate, an oil temp of 118C at speed is not unusual, and is no
cause of alarm.  You want the oil temp to reach at least 100C to
ensure that the water vapors are evaporated.  I'd start being alarmed
if the oil temp rises beyond 135C.

> I can't see any water in the oil, the water temp needle stays between 
> 1/4 and 1/2 and the car runs beautifully and smooth ( apart from when 
> I switch off and hear the exhaust ticking cooling down)

That sounds about right too.

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