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RE: NEA - new quattro speciality shop in NH

My car is in Tim's capable hands right now being prepped for a track event 
a Watkin's Glen that is no longer happening....oh well.  Bonnie's car will 
be dropped off when I pick up mine.  Tim worked on my first Audi years ago 
and if he is still local he will probably work on my last.  It's a two hour 
round trip for me to go there and we are doing it gladly.  Between Bonnie 
and I we will probably drop around $1500 there this week...and do it with 
no complaints.  One more vote for Tim Mclean of Northern European.

On Tuesday, July 06, 1999 10:03 AM, Peter Schulz [SMTP:schulz@ed.ray.com] 
> Glen_Powell@ne.3com.com wrote:
> >
> > This is a shameless plug for a friend's new shop...
> >
> > Northern European Automotive Inc. has opened its doors in Concord NH, 
> > at 235 Rear S. Main St, Unit 223, on the South side of downtown Concord 
> I must also chime in and concurr with Glen's comments. I brought the
> TQW to Tim's shop a few weeks ago to check it and Tim out. Tim took time
> to
> look over the car and also provide some insight into his method of
> repair.
> Tim confirmed that the pressure plate and clutch were on there last
> legs,
> and then went on to say that he recommended replacing the engine rear
> main
> seal, the front axle seals on the trans axles, and repack the inner CV
> joints,
> since they had to be removed anyway. He also checked the rear control
> arm
> bushings and confirmed that they were totally shot-- The best part was
> that
> he "walked" me through the problem areas and showed me how to check
> them.
> I decided at that point to make an appointment and a laundry list of
> things..
> I now have the car back after it spent a week with Tim. My wallet is
> lighter, but I now have a very light clutch throw, new clutch, pressure
> plate, t/o bearing, axle seals, repacked cv joints, rear main seal,
> repacked cvs on the drive shaft (dry as a bone, Tim said...and the
> center bearing was ok), control arm bushings, a new condensor, and
> working AC...And he had the interior and engine compartment detailed,
> to boot!
> Tim showed me the old condensor-a bad design destined to fail. He
> also showed me and my wife the old pressure plate and clutch.
> The pressure plate was well rusted around the spring "fingers"...
> Tim explained that the heavy clutch was due to the fingers not
> returning to their original position.
> I am extremely satisfied with Northern European Automotive and Tim,
> and heartily recommend him without reservation. Tim appears to
> be sincere and considerate, and I will be sending more business
> his way.
> Thanks to those of you who sent me parts recommendations and price
> quotes.  Let's just say that Tim is getting much more realistic
> and competitive prices from his parts suppliers as a result...
> -Peter Schulz
> 1991 TQW
> 1990 CQ
> schulz@res.ray.com