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RE: NEA - new quattro speciality shop in NH

Tim and I just had a lengthy discussion on TAP chips(I described my
problem with uneven acceleration; he said this is a -very- common
complaint with the TAP chip, but he'd still check out things thoroughly),
shocks/struts(his words:"Talk to Glen. He knows it all on that subject"
:), bushings(Tim says: stock only; they work just fine; he's going to
replace them all around), and lighting harnesses.  He's also going to take
care of doing the water pump if it leaks over the next week, which the
last mechanic absent-mindedly forgot when he did the timing belt(I could
have killed the last mechanic when he forgot that.)  I also asked that he
look into the rattle from under the car(Phil, I'll be sure to pass along
any info he gives me when I get the car back.)

Tim practically read my mind when he suggested I drop the car off
Saturday; perfect!  He'll have the car all week, and I should get my baby
back in good shape the next Friday or Saturday; he'll have plenty of time
to look things over, get parts, etc.

I will be sure to post my experience with Tim when the car comes back, but
from out 5-10 minute phone conversation, I determined that he really knows
what the hell he's talking about; he duplicated a lot of my thoughts on
various subjects and mentioned people only someone tuned in to Audi stuff
would know.  I'm looking forward to having him work on the car.


On Tue, 6 Jul 1999, Paul Royal at Purple Elephant Promotions wrote:

> My car is in Tim's capable hands right now being prepped for a track event 
> a Watkin's Glen that is no longer happening....oh well.  Bonnie's car will 
> be dropped off when I pick up mine.  Tim worked on my first Audi years ago 
> and if he is still local he will probably work on my last.  It's a two hour 
> round trip for me to go there and we are doing it gladly.  Between Bonnie 
> and I we will probably drop around $1500 there this week...and do it with 
> no complaints.  One more vote for Tim Mclean of Northern European.