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RE: Extinction of 200 20vt <was economics of...

In message <0D1316C4DFFED0118B990000F804E8BC0188F5BB@MOENT1.MINEDU.GOVT.NZ> Eaton Dave writes:

> personally, i love the 20v ur-quattro (as it seems that does everyone who
> has driven them).  certainly it's the best "drivers car" audi i've ever
> driven.  it is, however, heavier than the mb, but has a more tractble and
> repairable :-) motor.  however, i have had very little seat time in the mb.
> the 20v suspension changes (alloy wishbones) also helped...

307Nm at 1950rpm must be nice.  The MB has a little less a lot later.

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