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Re: bashing Detroit

i think a telling indicator is that despite all the improvements in american
vehicles, you continue to hear stories of the best people in the industry -
those enthused about cars and driving - STILL being driven to leave the big 3.
there have been a number of first and second person stories of this nature on
this list alone...

before i get more criticism on negativism though, please note i started this
thread of the thread defending (ok well so it's the proverbial faint praise,
but still...) newer chrysler products.  could do the same for ford too.  they
have great cupholders, for instance.

Steven Addy wrote:

> <snip> Is it really a surprise that MB would start replacing the Detroit
> execs at
> Chrysler. Marketing ever larger monster SUV's is just one example of
> Detroit's priorities. GM and Chrysler build 3 different cars and sell them
> under 15 different names.  Evidently, the intelligence of Detroit's
> customers cannot be insulted.
> <snip>
> The fact that most of the big 3 decisions are made in Michigan, one of the
> more isolated subcultures, is a huge problem for the industry. David
> <snip> More than anything, it appears that Detroit designs cars for
> midwesterners
> and has conceded that the rest of us will probably look elsewhere.

true - a Buick is a far better car in it's native environment than it is in
mine ( New England )