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Re: Just bought my Audi!

>2. Some items from the car are missing. They are not important ones, but I
>miss them, like the Audi logo from inside on the middle of the dashboard. I
>think I will be able to get them from the junkyard, but I don't know exactly
>how it looks. Can you tell me where can I find *detailed* pictures of the
>car, especially the interior?
>Thanks for the help!

is it the logo panel from directly in front of the passenger side?  on my
recently acquired 1991 80q the small 1x5 (or so) inch all black(even the
lettering is black) plastic panel that says quattro.  i don't have a
picture if it but i can get ya one if ya really need it in a few days . i
think id might depend on the year also.  i testdrove a 1988 80q and the
interior was a little different.   if you can't find the part at a local
junkyard, try calling 1 800 ALL AUDI.  i just got a card from them in the
mail a couple weeks ago and haven't had the chance to try them out yet.
apparently thay have all sorts of audi parts.
and then i lool at your email address. hmmmm, .hu isn't a US suffix so the
phone number might be bogus for you then.  oh well.
good luck anyway.
91 80q - can't get it to slide out of a curve