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Re: FW: Stongard group purchase


It is my understanding that this replacement lens ability is not an 
option for the H1/H4 4k/CGT/urq eurolites.

Of course, those are the most expensive units.  Of course, that's 
what I need. :-P


"Paul Meyers" <paulm@viewsoft.com> wrote:
> Say, I just talked to the Metrix guys (while ordering my eurolights) and
> they said that, should you break a lens, you can buy replacement ones from
> them for $25 Canadian ($17 in real money). So, now, why would you buy
> Stonegards if you can buy replacement lenses so cheap? Why not just buy a
> couple of replacement lenses and put them on the shelf?
> Paul Meyers 87 5KCStq 130K mi 5spd, Silver. Stock + Fuch wheels
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> Robert,
> If it's not too late, I need these too!
> Just got my Euros and need the Stonegaurds!!