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Re: Strut swap Audi 90 20V to CQ

In a message dated 7/7/99 4:33:42 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
robbrauns@bb.eulink.net writes:

> Ok, now my question. Can the hubs be swapped, so that I can use my old
>  drive axles? The wheel bearings are a different number, but the outside
>  diameter is what matters. Does anybody have the O/D diameter of the
>  following wheel bearings:
>  443 407 625 - front wb Coupe Quattro (probably Ur-Q)
>  321 498 625E - front wb 4KQ
>  893 498 625E - front wb 90 20V Q

The dimensions would be...

443-407-625(ur-q) 42x75x37mm
811-407-625A (4kq) 68mm
443-407-625F(20v 90) 43x82x37mm

The difference in part numbers is my listing just the brg number vs your kit 
numbers. Are your struts off the '85 ur-q ABS capable? If so, I'd be 

If you run the 90q 20v spindles, which balljoint/control arm combo will give 
you the required adjustability for alignment?

Chris Semple
'83 ur-q --in progress--
    '83 ur-q --for parts--