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Re: bashing Detroit

In a message dated 7/7/99 9:45:57 PM EST, abuc@ibm.net writes:

<< And what about their customer base?  Some people will hold to their 
 >loyalties, prejudices, bigotrys, no matter how many facts are held before 
 >them.  Those are the kind of people that will keep paying top dollar for 
 >junk and call it patriotism. 
 The Chrysler engineers' acronym for K-car buyers was PODS: Poor Old
 Dumb S___s. >>

There are lots of companies out there that would kill to have PODS buy their 
product, including Daimler/Chrysler. It's called brand loyalty. You and I 
have it but we've decided to be loyal to Audi's concept of what a car should 
be, despite all of the facts that could be laid before us regarding AoA's 
lack of loyalty to the consumer.

Mike Torio