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Re: typ44 turbo boost gauge LED light out...how to fix?

JordanVw@aol.com writes:
> tonight, i noticed a odd darkness between the tach and the speedo of my '86 
> 5kT...it then hit me, the light is out on the turbo boost/computer gauge.   
> it works fine, but is not lit up at night..
> anyone know how to fix? is it a bulb, or a LED?

It's a bulb, and you must pull the instrument cluster to replace it.
Here is the procedure for the 5KT and 5KTQ:

0. Disconnect battery negative cable.
1. Straighten steering wheel, gently pop horn cover off, disconnect horn wire.
2. Remove 24mm nut and washer, pull off steering wheel.
3. Insert philips screw driver at an angle through hole on bottom of
   steering column cover and loosen (not remove) clamp screw.
4. Pull off column switch assembly, disconnect electrical plugs.
5. Remove two screws at top of instrument cluster.
6. Gently pull cluster out, disconnect electrical connections.
7. Replace bulb(s).
8. Reinstall everything in reverse order.

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