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Re: 5000 Mile Mobil 1 Change Interval

Christopher Gharibo writes:
> I have a '91 Audi CQ 20V (55k miles) and a '98.5 A4 30V (13k miles) that I
> have been maintaining on Mobil1/Audi Filters every 3000 miles.
> I want to increase this to every 5000 miles without hurting the life of the
> engine.  My question is am I causing a meaningful decrease in engine life by
> going to 5000 miles?  I would like to get the lists' opinion.
> Assume NJ weather, oil always topped up, both cars not driven that hard.

I think that's just fine.  If your car will be subject to severe use
or a lot of stop and go driving then I would change the oil more
frequently.  Otherwise 5K miles is OK, especially with synth oil.

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