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Re: Question about carbon cannister freq valve for '91 200Q

    If a frequency valve is toast will it make a clicking noise, clicking in
cycle with the throttle?  I am experiencing a clicking noise in the closest
area to the cockpit of the car.  I believed it was a dying valve spring, but
that is the exact position of one of the Carbon Canister valves.  I can't
really locate the exact origin of the clicking, but I know the general area.
    Also when decellerating with my foot completely off the go pedal the car
almost always reaches 15 on the tach then revs to 18-20 then drops and
usually does it again, then dropping to idle.  Surging, doesn't matter if
it's cold, warm, hot, raining, arid...  Always, since I bought the car.  I
have replaced NUMEROUS fuel system components: Air flow meter, ISV, O2
sensor, thermo-time switch, and a fuel line.  This problem seemed to get
better when the final drive lube was topped up, then promptly came back
about a day later.  Any suggestions, involved in the clicking?  087 Auto
Trany, K-Motronic Fuel System.

Thanks again!

    Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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