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Re: XXXX CD: using a small Mac monitor

Has anybody found a useful virtual desktop program for PC's?  I want to be
able to use the "family photo" CD on my laptop.  I've tried several but
they all seem to be geared towards multiple desktops rather than running a
higher resolution than what the video card supports.  

Frank Stadmeyer

At 12:32 AM 7/11/99 -0400, Phil Rose wrote:
>Here's an update for those who had any interest in my earlier (verbose)
>post about using the XXXX CD with small-screen Macs (resolution less than
>There's a freeware utility that does a great job of expanding the Macintosh
>desktop to a virtual, much-larger-than-the-screen size. The program is
>called "Virtual Desktop", and you can download it here:
>This program can install a set of  horizontal and vertical scroll bars at
>the side and bottom of the desktop and these are used for shifting the
>*entire desktop* by the desired amount (producing a virtual desktop up to
>up several times larger than the screen's width.) There are also several
>ways you can use the mouse (or trackpad) to drag the desktop (i.e.,
>producing a shift of the XXXX program window) in any direction. I tried it
>on my Powerbook with VPC95 running XXXX  (Mac OS 8.6) and it seems to work
>pretty nicely. It eliminates the need to drag the XXXX program window by
>its borders and therefore allows you to move the XXXX screen smoothly and
>continuously (getting to those otherwise-forbidden, centrally located
>sections that don't include any window border).
>I'd say that with this (or similar) utility, the experience of using XXXX
>with a small-screen  Mac will be much enhanced. If anyone is aware of other
>utilities of this kind (for Mac OS), please let me know.
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