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Re: Trashed CGT Engine

Jeez, with that much damage it almost sounds as if someone did it
intentionally.  Perhaps a BMW aficionado? ;-)

Sorry, your questions are way out of my league, although I would hope you
would just replace the motor rather than rebuild.

Good luck with your project!

Bob W.
'99 A4 1.8Tqms, APR 1 bar

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From: Don Muirhead <dmr@kwic.com>
To: Quattro (E-mail) <quattro@audifans.com>
Date: Sunday, July 11, 1999 4:47 PM
Subject: Trashed CGT Engine

>Rebuilding '86 CGT with trashed engine - car has been in unheated storage
>since '90
>Yesterday started stripping down the coupe, so we sprayed every bolt and
>nut in sight with penetrating fluid.  While waiting for this stuff to do
>its thing (we actually wanted to start on the suspension), curiosity got
>the better of us so 10 hours later this is very briefly what we discovered.
>Broken Cam (not Audi - only markings #03783-88).
>Extensive damage to lifters (still can't account for all the keepers), 5
>broken valve springs, 8 broken valves balance showed extensive wear.
>Cracked head (actually split).
>#3 & #5 cylinders cracked, 3 blown pistons/rods (2 pistons showed
>considerable wear/broken rods).
>Broken crank (#3 cylinder) elongated break - severe pitting and
>discoloration (yellowish/brown) at the break point (defective?).
>I've never seen a usually tough little engine go down this way, and neither
>had the fellow (Audi mechanic 15yrs' ) who now owns this stuff, so we have
>a couple of questions to those who perhaps have.
>1. Can anybody identify the Cam - performance Cam no markings just
>#03783-88 on the shaft.
>2. Has anybody ever had an Audi crank break (elongated) and found pitting
>and discoloration at the break point.
>Don Muirhead