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Re: My 86 4000 CS Quattro

On Mon, 12 Jul 1999, Greg Wolters wrote:

> Unknown to me at that time, my CV joint is fine... all it needs is a new
> boot.  I'm planning to have all 4 done at once.

I recommend "if it ain't broke... don't fix it" when it comes to CV boots.
They are all independent of one another, so you don't save any $$$ by
lumping these in with other repairs.  Just keep an eye on them.

> I apparently need (2) rear strut housings, tie rods, front and rear ball
> joints.
> The cost for parts is $1450.00.  The total price with $420.00 labor, a 4
> wheel alignment and tax is $2070.00.

Whoa.  What do you need rear strut housings for?  Looking at my not so
recent repair bills:
$36.00 Ball Joint L (855 407 365A)
$36.00 Ball Joint R (855 407 366A)
$94.00 Tie Rod, Rear (857 501 499C)

I don't know if those are the correct part #s, and I know those aren't the
cheapest parts prices out there, but $1450.00?  How much are those rear
strut housings man?

My $0.0002

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