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New Audi Coupe?

The German magazine MOT, issue 14/99, has a scoop about an upcoming new
Audi Coupe based on the new A4 (not the current facelifted A4, but the
yet-to-be-introduced all-new A4 to be introduced in late 2000). According
to MOT, the Coupe will be introduced in Germany September 2001 and the
shape will be an evolution of the TT. If it looks anything like the
artist's impressions (crystal ball, methinks) accompanying the article, it
will certainly be a striking, modern and powerful-looking car (as is the TT
IMO). According to MOT, the car will be produced with choice of a two-litre
turbo (170-210 hp) or three  2.7 V6 biturbo versions (240, 280 and 340 hp).
There's also talk of a V6 TDI with some 200 hp. The lower-powered models
will feature front-drive or optional (new-generation) quattro technology,
all high-powered models will be quattro-only. There will be six-speed
manual and tiptronic transmissions. There will also be a cabriolet based on
the Coupe, to be introduced at a later date. Production will ikely take
place at Ingolstadt, as the largely similar A4 is also produced there.
Pricing is said to start at DM 65k, rising to a three-figure sum. Naming of
this car has not yet been settled, but 'Avus' is suggested.

An Audi manager is quoted as the source for this article, but IMO lots of
it is based on guesswork.