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Re: CGT crunched in Denver


>The insurance company has done the appraisal and "deemed the car 
>unrepairable." Now comes the wait for the settlement offer. What is the 
>consensus value for an '85 GT in _very_ good condition (everything works, 
>106k mi., body great, interior perfect, great mechanical condition)?

In Sept 1997 I went through the same thing with my 1986 GT when it got
smacked in the front by a US West phone company van. My wife was 
driving and she walked away, so the car did its job. I was the original 
owner, it was a Colorado car all it's life, very good condition in and out, 
mechanically perfect, etc. Mine also had H&R/bilstein suspension,
MSW wheels, newer RE71 tires and a Nakamichi stereo.

The insurance company totalled the car. No complaints from me on that
descision, the tranny tunnel was rippled all the way to the back seat and 
the firewall was pretty bent up. I think we agreed on a value of $2000-2200
and I bought the car back for approx $450. The suspension and wheels 
were worth that.

The parts from the GT live on in many other cars. The dash and complete
wiring harness is installed in a friends 1983 ur-q. The front seats are in
a quantum syncho wagon, the h&r/bilstein suspension is installed in another
quantum syncho wagon, the engine and tranny is making it's way into an
ITB coupe GT race car and I have a good pile of spares for my ur-q
(headliner, door panels, rear seat, rear deck, mirrors, rear spoiler,
sunroof mechanism, steering rack and hyd pump, doors, window glass).

Dave Lawson    Boulder, CO
1999 GMC Suburban K1500
1990 200 TQ Avant
1983 ur-quattro