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80 Fuel Mixture Setting

    This goes out to anyone with a Bentley 80/90, Coupe Q.  I am sorry to be
asking this, but I still haven't gotten a Bentley.  What is the exact fuel
mixture setting for an 80 4 cyl. Auto.?  K-Motronic system.  Had mixture set
today, was very low 0.05%.  Set it to 1.5% and pulled an emissions out of
spec. code later on in the day.  Thinking maybe the gas analyzer wasn't
getting a real reading, cause a car wouldn't run at 0.05% very well now
would it?  Needed a rubber shim before to get a proper reading from the
sniffer at the test port.  So maybe it read 1.5% but is higher because of
outside air interfering with the probe at the test port.  Any ideas?

Thanks a lot,

    Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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