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Overheating 4KCSQ

Well, I broke it again!!! Should just keep my hands off.

Last nite while trying to remedy my problem with afterrun fan, etc which was
causing problems during the recent heat wave, I discovered the fan relay in
the aux relay panel under dash had an intermittent (internal) connection.
After attempting to secure this connection, the wires to the afterrun thermo
switch cooked, blowing the windshield wiper fuse ( same circuit). I removed
the relay to prevent further damage, but the main cooling fan is not
running. As the engine temperature climbed, I turned on the heat do
dissipate whatever possible. No Heat.
Just checked the car & the lower radiator hose is cold from the thermostat
down. This is what feeds the heater core and is also where the fan thermo
switch is located.

Can anyone quantify my disaster for me??

Lucky I have a spare 4K to drive while sorting this out, but I Want My
Quattro Back!


86 4KCSQ Daily Driver
86 4KS      Spare