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RE: Overheating 4KCSQ

Same thing happened to me last February. Thou I suspect (unless you live
waaay south) your coolant hasn't frozen as mine did. Best you check the
thermostat - sounds as though it may be stuck shut.


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> Subject: Overheating 4KCSQ
> Well, I broke it again!!! Should just keep my hands off.
> Last nite while trying to remedy my problem with afterrun
> fan, etc which was
> causing problems during the recent heat wave, I discovered
> the fan relay in
> the aux relay panel under dash had an intermittent (internal)
> connection.
> After attempting to secure this connection, the wires to the
> afterrun thermo
> switch cooked, blowing the windshield wiper fuse ( same
> circuit). I removed
> the relay to prevent further damage, but the main cooling fan is not
> running. As the engine temperature climbed, I turned on the heat do
> dissipate whatever possible. No Heat.
> Just checked the car & the lower radiator hose is cold from
> the thermostat
> down. This is what feeds the heater core and is also where
> the fan thermo
> switch is located.
> Can anyone quantify my disaster for me??
> Lucky I have a spare 4K to drive while sorting this out, but I Want My
> Quattro Back!
> Thanks,
> Jeff
> Jeff
> 86 4KCSQ Daily Driver
> 86 4KS      Spare