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Re: Sorry if I ever defended Detroit on this list

Bob Virtual wrote:
> > event.  However, there's an asterisk and if you read
> > the asterisk it says "Seville equipped with optional
> > ZR rated tires.  BMW 540i equipped with standard HR
> > rated tires."
> > This has to be one of the stupidest ads I've ever
> > seen.
> Wait 'till you've figured out most U.S.-bound Audi's
> got those crappy Goodyear tires. To this date, it
> still
> amazes me that Audis in "test drives" and
> "comparisons"
> in magazines can still get top reviews. Now that's
> stupid (AoA) and amazing (Audi).

What's even worse, is that just about every review of an Audi I've seen
says "if it weren't for the crappy tires on this car, and if it weren't
so underpowered, and if it had a manual transmission, (and oh by the way
the cupholders suck) we'd say it was the best of the bunch."  So what do
we get?  "By popular demand, better cupholders!"