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Gremlins/San Antonio mechanic

Hi all,

Just bought an '88 90q in North Carolina and
immediately drove it to Texas where I'm fighting the
war (TDY with the Air Force) in San Antonio, and so
far I love it to death despite the fact that I've had
a case of the gremlins that until now has remained
rather amusing, but if anything else happens I may not
be laughing. I earlier had the problem with the A/C
dripping, rather pouring, water onto the passenger
floor. Thanks to those who gave advice - I haven't
gotten around to fixing it yet, but I still have faith
that I can do it myself. ANYHOO, I have a couple of
1. Any suggestions for where I can get a new or
functional used motor and whatever else I might need
for a windshield wiper? The driver's side (of course)
one gave out during a downpour in Mississippi.
2. How do I get a CD out of an Alpine in-dash CD
player? Eject doesn't even make a sound like it's
trying to do its job.
3. Where can I purchase some affordable repair
manuals? I'd prefer they not be Bentleys - do I have a
4. Does anyone know of a good mechanic in San Antonio?
I don't need one yet, but you can't be too prepared.

Thanks in advance!

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