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About those questions...

In a message dated 7/13/99 12:37:42 PM Central Daylight Time, AudiFever 

<< 1) Does anyone in this country pay more that $74 an hour for Audi 
	Not out here in Bucksnort, can't get anyone near here to work on 
Audis at all. At any price. An independent in Nashville charges about 

<< 2) Do you pay a waste disposal fee no matter what you have done?>>
 	I know they did this at the Toyota dealership in Nashville, last time 
I had one worked on there. And I haven't had a Toyota since '94, so that is 
an old practice over there. I don't think our local places have gone to that 
concept yet. That's not the "accepted custom" locally, and we're still 
southern enough that accepted custom dictates a lot. Then, too, I don't think 
we have the EPA hassles that the big city boys do.

<< 3) Do you pay a shop supply fee any time your Audi is in for service?>>
	Same as above, except the EPA comments. Even some of the small 
independents were doing this in Nashville. I've tended to shy away from those 
that do, mainly because they to be "me-too-ing" rather than actually 
providing any added service that might require shop supply fees. Some large 
dealerships and shops  actually do check all the fluids and top them off as 
needed, etc., which does use a limited amout of shop supplies. I have NEVER 
seen a shop that used as much "stuff" as they charged for, though. I think it 
was $5.50 in early '94 -- and that buys a LOT of paper towels for checking 
fluids... If I had known ahead of time what they were going to charge I would 
have given them two rolls of shop towels to check the fluids in my car -- and 
still would have come out ahead financially.

<< Inquiring minds want to know.>>
	So now the inquiring minds have the Bucksnort view. Hope it helps.