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Re: 85 4ksQ(uestions)??

In message <378C0508.55E8F44E@pop.tcsn.uswest.net> only5kgt@uswest.net writes:

> Persistent tapping from top end. A little louder than the
> manifold noise on my 5kcst. I listened with a screwdriver
> against the valve cover, head, intake manifold, and vac
> pump. All quiet but for a little ticking (thru the
> screwdriver) on the pump housing. Think it's the pump? Motor
> sounds fine otherwise, no smoke, good power.

Probably the pump.  A light tapping can be cleared by R&R.

> I removed the oil cap with a running engine, and it kept
> running. On my 5k, you can't do this without stalling.
> Normal, or is something amiss in the vacuum system?


> Fuel pump is making that familiar old Audi buzz. Is R&R
> harder/easier/the same procedure as on a 5k?

Harder.  Done from underneath.  Best way is to disconnect electrics,
clamp and remove feed hose from tank, undo fuel line going forward
to engine, undo four rubber bush nuts and lift pump, filter and
accumulator off to do the job on a bench.

> Finally, and I think most problematic: I don't get anything
> happening when I move the diff lock switch. No lights,
> nothing. Didn't behave like anything was locked on
> slow-speed maneuvering, so I don't think I'm hurting it this
> way- but how hard is this setup to diagnose (85 1-2 switch)?

A snap with a MityVac.  You may be able to rent one.  $1 gets you $10
it's just a simple vacuum problem.

 Phil Payne
 UK Audi quattro Owners Club
 Phone: 0385 302803   Fax: 0870 0883933