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Re: My 86 4000 CS Quattro

hey, now that you mention it, somewhere in my dusty memory archives i recall that
when i had a little parking lot 'incident' (too much fun playing with quattro in
the snow, pesky curb jumped out in front of me) in my 4kq many years ago, the
diagnosis was that the front strut was slightly bent.  i tapped the curb pretty
squarely with the side of the tire - no wheel dings or other ugliness - i suppose
it could have somehow bent the strut without control arm damage.  the other thing
however, is that the diagnosis was by a non-Audi independent and could have been
spurious (never got it fixed to find out).

JShadzi@aol.com wrote:

> In a message dated 7/14/99 2:50:23 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
> mike@urquattro.com writes:
> << nteresting thing when i crashed my 4kq last year, the rear strut housing
>  bent like crazy, but the control arm was completely intact...
>   >>
>         Hmm, I have had two suspension dingers in the past, and the a-arm
> took all the damage, twisted like spagetti, but the strut housings did not
> have a scratch.  Considering thier construction, Im surprised the strut