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Don't think my e-mails are getting to the list.
Sorry if this is a duplicate for some.

> Hi!
> I don't know if my post from last week have gone through to the
> list properly. I have a few questions:
>         1. is there such a thing as a K-jetronic fuel distributor
>            and metering head rebuild kit? (new o-rings, etc.)
>         2. what type of tool is required to remove the strut insert
>            retaining nut on the Audi 200 FWD (1990)?
>         3. how to limit torque on standard impact wrench? One I'm
>            getting takes 90psi and does 230lb of torque. If I decrease
>            the pressure fed in from my compressor can I control the
>            max torque produced? Can I work out pressure to use?
>         4. where can I get the improved type 2 WOT switch (p/n: 0 280
>            120 308 Bosch number as indicated by Scott Mockry
>	     recently)? Local Bosch agent says US$95!!
>         5. What is the Bosch part number for the multi-function temp
>            sensor on the MC engined 200 (1990)? That's the unit where
>            where the upper radiator hose connects to the block/head.
>         6. have seen 2 modifieds running the wastegate venting gate
>            into its own exhaust, not into downpipe behind turbo. What
>            benefits does this have? Much decreased back pressure at
>            boost (WG open)? Am going to build 3-inch exhaust system
>	     and might think of this as a mod to do at the same time.
> Thanks.