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Re: Mechanic recommendation for fs work in Seattle area

Aaron Peloquin wrote:
> My '87 4kq is having fuel problems (black smoke, excessive fuel consumption,
> carbon-fouled plugs, etc.) from running way too rich.  I don't have the time
> to dive into it myself, so can anyone recommend a reliable mechanic in the
> Seattle area (preferably eastside)?
> Thanks,
> Aaron Peloquin
> Kirkland, WA

The local quattro club recommended Squire's Autowerke in Bellevue to
me.  I just got back from a visit there to deal with a couple things on
my 91 200Q.  Their ad says Audi and Porsche.  Over 90% of their work is
Porsche, but the owner drives an older Audi V8 and one of the mechanics
has a 4000 himself.   I was treated well (patiently answered all my
questions and didn't recommend things that weren't necessary), the place
was very clean, and they seem to know what they're doing. They get
$70/hr for labor.

Gene Caldwell       optic@halcyon.com