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Re: A shop in S. CA??

There are a lot to choose from. For anyone going to a new area or looking
for a new shop I suggest making a decision based on all of the following;
recommendations from persons known to you or other owners of similar cars, a
shop which is AAA approved (www.aaa.com you need not be a member), a shop
which is a Bosch Authorized Service Center www.boschservice.com (these two
approvals require a certain amount of commitment in training and special
tools as well as ethical business practice), once you have narrowed it down
to a couple shops call the BBB and ask about complaints (resolved and
un-resolved, make your own choice re. complaints on file). Secondarily,
consider that the ultimate goal is to have the vehicle repaired properly,
the first time, with original quality parts. Sometimes that costs more.

Bryan Doughty
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Subject: A shop in S. CA??

> hey.......does anybody know of a reliable and reasonble German mechanic
> shop in the southern CA area (N. of LA)??? I just moved here and in
> case something happens, I want to know of a good place to go other than
> the dealership. Thanks............Jenny
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