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RE: NEEDED BAD! tank from radiator, 88 80-90q

... so ... you must have gotten responses from others trying to dissuade you
from trying to repair your plastic tanked radiator as well, so now you
repost the request, yet again ... with the additional clause that you don't
want to hear about how it can't (or perhaps shouldn't) be done ... Hello ...

Might I suggest that there might not be a lot of experience with doing what
you are hellbent to accomplish on the list, and perhaps you might want to
consider other sources.  When I looked into the repair of the plastic tanked
rad that failed many years ago on my 1978 Audi Fox I was told it was
impossible, but I've heard that lately there are radiator shops who claim to
be able to repair them ... perhaps you can try calling a local radiator shop
to get their professional opinion.  

My unprofessional opinion as an Audi owner with over 40 Audi-years of
experience with doing my own service is that if I could find a way to
exchange every part in the coolant system made of plastic with a metal
replacement (heater valves, radiator tanks, aux water pumps, heater cores,
...) I would live a happier life.  There's nothing quite like having to deal
with a massive coolant loss because a radiator fitting, heater valve or aux
water pump decided it could no longer handle the pressure.  I must say that
I don't ever recall having a rubber hose fail so catastrophically in those
same 40+ Audi-years ...

Good luck on repairing your radiator tanks ... when you do manage to effect
a repair I will be interested to hear how long it is until you'll need to go
back and do it again ...

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)