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Re: questions...

Phil Payne wrote:
> In message <378CC0BC.64903FCB@poboxes.com> Gerard writes:
> > >         1. is there such a thing as a K-jetronic fuel distributor
> > >            and metering head rebuild kit? (new o-rings, etc.)
> No.  Non-trivial.  BTDT - got it right in the end (I did two) but I
> don't think I'd bother again.

Chris Locke (lister) and I did it once.  Dealer said we needed a new one
to the tune of $1200 (yeah, on a 4000Q!, that'll happen!) So we figured
what do we have to lose?
Took it apart, cleaned it, replaced the o rings (sizes commonly
available everywhere). That was about 5 years ago, and its still running
perfectly.  Phil is right though, it was a sucky job, but for that kind
of  $, Id do it again!