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Sv: Urquattro wheels/tires - less is better!?!?

I think it dependes -
Didn't know you have highways in Finland -:)
And the basic suspension of your car too

I made the opposite swap from
215/60 V15  on 7.5 x 15 E 35 standard 200QT 20V Avant to
225/45 ZR17 Potenza S-02 Pole Position on 8x17 OZ Racing E35.
The potenza are soft and comfortable.
Before I had problems holding the coffe cup at 120Mph
but now the car is very stable even at 150.
I am really happy about the change. Before I had a feeling, that the
the engine and wheels/suspension didn't match.
You got tired of running just 120.
Now no problems even in strong wind.

But as I started -
  the roads are plain in Denmark and the 200 suspension is soft.

So when you get your RS2 up and run try som other tires on your  8x17 -
- if you have the roads for it

Kind regards Claus

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Fra: Jouko Haapanen <joukoh@vtoy.fi>
Til: quattro list <quattro@audifans.com>
Sendt: 15. juli 1999 08:38
Emne: Urquattro wheels/tires - less is better!?!?

> I've had a few days now to evaluate the Pirelli P-Zeros Asimmetricos
> (225/50ZR15) mounted on my new 8x15 Ronal R8's.  I previously ran
> Goodyear Eagle F1's on 8x17 BBS RS II's on my car, and the differences are
> significant.  As expected, the ride is more compliant and quieter, but at
> the same time the steering response and and ultimate grip seem to have
> improved at the same time.  Some (or much) of this should probably be
> merited to the ET24 of the original wheel, as opposed to the ET34 (or
> thereabouts..) of the A4/A6 spec BBS's.  The P-Zero at its limit is to my
> liking, giving substantial feedback through the wheel/butt as well as
> audibly. Call me immature, but the tread pattern of the P-Zero in
> Asimmetrico guise looks the part, as if it was a period tire for the
> Urquattro, as opposed to all the fancy new directional treads on many of
> top tires today.  As to wet performance, I haven't got any idea, as we've
> had no rain for a few weeks.
> I wonder if anyone has any experience with the P-Zeros as to what
> to run for track events (and otherwise), or other tires of 225/50R15 size?
> The car looks absolutely right now with the correct wheels, and I do not
> regret paying the extra $$$$ for getting them in pearl white, and I am
> presently in the process of getting my winter wheels (the original 400K km
> 8x15 R8's) refinished in white as well.  Now if I could coax a few more
> the 200 horsepower out of the MB engine...
> Maybe I will start building that RS2 motor after all.
> Jouko Haapanen
> Pori, Finland