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re: stuck strut caps 87 5000

     I'm assuming you already have the top nut and the mount off and you 
     are talking abount the cap that holds the strut cartridge in the 
     I had the same problem with a 93 90, but I had the housing out of the 
     car in a vise and used a pipe wrench. I cut a small notch in the side 
     of the cap perpendicular to the threads. My struts came with a new cap 
     so I wasn't worried about cutting it.
     I used a Dremel but a hacksaw blade should work as well. The notch 
     loosened the caps grip on the threads enough to get them to move and 
     also allowed better penetration of the WD-40. The notch was only the 
     thickness of one blade and didn't affect the reinstallation of the new 
     cap. If you stop the cut before it reaches the spot where the tool is 
     inserted, you should still be able to use the tool to loosen it.
     Be careful not to ruin the housing threads or you will have a bigger 
     problem. Good luck!