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Re: Shock removal on '87 5k

On Fri, 16 Jul 1999 19:09:25 +0200, you wrote:

>> I went to a friend of mine, borrowed an air wrench and a small air
>> compressor. Put the air wrench on that thing, at it came off in a few
>> seconds. 
>Uhm...brain overload for me... how did you fit the air wrench socket
>over the piston rod that protrudes through the nut holding the insert
>in the strut?

Hehe.. I went to a mechanic here, he had a home-made version of the
VAG tool that you are supposed to put over the piston rod. That thing
will fit over the rod, into the nut and will reach it in the engine
bay. I put the wrench on, and the nut came right off.. Easy and fast

>Also, how did you tighten up the nut again with the piston rod of the
>new insert sticking through it? The proper tought is 100+ lb/ft isn't

I used the same setup, but instead of using the air wrench, I used a
torque wrench and torqued it down to 180 nm. (133 ft/lb) I did both at
the same time, and the hardest part was keeping the whole strut in
place when the shock was loose. 

Next thing is to change the subframe and stabilizer bar rubber
bushings. Is it possible to do without the VAG tools mentioned in the