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Re: Shock removal on '87 5k

> Hehe.. I went to a mechanic here, he had a home-made version of the
> VAG tool that you are supposed to put over the piston rod. That thing
> will fit over the rod, into the nut and will reach it in the engine
> bay. I put the wrench on, and the nut came right off.. Easy and fast
> :-)

Aha! That'd make sense. :) I think I should go to my mechanic friend
and have him weld one up for me as well.

> Next thing is to change the subframe and stabilizer bar rubber
> bushings. Is it possible to do without the VAG tools mentioned in the
> Bentley?

My mechanic uses a hydraulic press to remove and install things like
this. Also uses it for wheel bearings and uses pipe sections to push
against the proper races of the bearings. The press is a simple
hydraulic jack on some sort of brace. Nothing impressive. I think
just taking the parts to a garage and have them do it.

My bushings are shot too, I am planning of having a set of
polyurethane units manufactured for me (cheaper than buying the rubber
bits from Audi!).