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Paying attention to the road: (Fwd) [SPOC]: Saturn for parts

I got this from another list I'm on.  Thought it was timely, relative to 
the discussions about driving habits and distractions.


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Hey all,
Last night my landlord totalled his 95 SW2 wagon.  It was a terrible thing 
to happen to him at this point and time, but it is history now.  I talked 
to my landlords today and mentioned that I might be able to salvage what 
was left.  This is only preliminary and will be determined by what the 
insurance company says can be done witht the car.  To tell what happened, 
the landlord dropped his cell phone while rounding a tight corner which 
made him lose focus on his driving.  He skidded, then rolled the car into 
the ditch, upside down.  Thank God he escaped with only a bruised rib and 
headache!!!  He was carrying 5 gallons of paint with him which exploded, 
ruining the leather interior.  The top is crushed as well as the front 
bumper where contact was made with a tree.  As far as I know, everything 
else is intact.  I told them (the landlords) that I would see what anyone 
wanted so that if the insurance company let them salvage parts, the car 
will quickly disappear.  Got a wish list?  Send it to me.  I have dibs on 
the engine, though.  I might change my mind later.  I think the car had 
about 60,000 on in when it met its fate.  Any help would be greatly 

Alex Plaster
1993 SL (soon to be SL2?) "Road Rat"