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200 tqa: Fire!

This evening, with my wife driving and my baby in the back seat, the
back seat caught fire as my wife pulled into our driveway, and then,
with smoke surrounding the baby, the car died as she coasted to a halt!

Its not as bad as it sounds. About 2 inches of the smaller wire that
connects to the battery positive terminal completely burnt out, taking
with it about 2 square inches of the seat bottom foam. I think this is
the wire that goes to the instrument panel.

Tomorrow morning, I'll be taking out the passenger seat to try and
figure out how much wire got toasted, and will need to be replaced.

In the meantime, does anyone have any suggestions as to what appliance
in the car shorted out that could cause this wire to burn out? Isn't
everything fused?

I've heard that the big radiator fan does die. I have the parts that
Scott Mo. suggested to add a fusible link, which I will be installing
tomorrow. How can I test that the fan is OK?

Thanks for your help in advance. I really happy the car did not burn
down, and the wife and baby are safe, and that it did died in my
driveway, but what a PIA! 

Samir, 89 200 tqa.