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New(Used) ECU made my car Happier!

    I installed the ECU I pulled at Autobahn and it worked, that's was
great.  Also I noticed during my test drive after the new ECU went in that
the car felt more powerful.  It didn't shift up at 55 from 1st to second as
usual, it climbed to 63 then shifted.  Tires were squeallin' from a
standstill which wasn't really happening before.  The surging that came
during decelleration has all but become a little rev then smooth all the way
down to idle, never before.  Maybe it was the ECU causing all of my problems
all along.  Does this happen often?  That is an ECU going haywire, but the
car still being able to run?  The test will be tomorrow when I drive it in
real life situations, hope it stays better.


    Alexander van Gerbig '88 80

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