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RE: Cupholders & Americans

Oh Bite It!

This is not a forum for socio-political tripe.  What, or who, the president
does is not relevant to this list - unless it's done in, on, under or near
an Audi. That goes for the prime-minister, the king, the queen, the
ayatollah (pardon the spelling), the emperor, the kaiser, the chancellor,
the chief or whoever.

I understand and agree that your political opinion has value - this just
isn't the place to air it.

We don't need to trash or slam or otherwise malign other listers for their
political leanings, nationality or any other such bull shit.

We're Audi fans - talking about Audis (in, around, under...) and other stuff
that directly relates to our masochistic enjoyment thereof.  Right?

Do like Phil says - get another couple of Quattros.



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scandals of our beloved President. However, when a world leader is
>>confronted with a long list of partial truths, untruths and outright lies,
>>this is noteworthy.
Noteworthy? On the Qlist? Get a life (or another couple of quattros) my

Do I sense a certain political affiliation?
As appropriate on the Qlist as bra changes, and cupholders.
If you see those Quattros , let me know or maybe a black leather or Quattro
cloth interior with heated seats.
I have given up on getting a life.

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