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RE: TT on Display - Canadian content

Oakville Volkswagen on Kerr St., Queensway Volkswagen on the Queensway in
Toronto, and Pfaff Motors in NewMarket all have TTs from AOA that they have
for the sole purpose of potential customer test drives.  They are not for
sale and must be returned to AOA after the demo period expires.

Sounds like the London dealer should be avoided at all costs.

Put a little pressure on them, maybe you'll get a test drive.  Both Oakville
and Pfaff have given cars to clients for extended test drives.

Good Luck

1990 200TQ 10V

BTW - Oakville has silver, Queensway blue (nice), Pfaff black (really nice)

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Stopped in at Dalmar VW & Audi in London today.  They have a silver TT on
display courtesy of Audi USA if any Canadian listers live close enough and
want to take a snoop.  Car was locked and they wouldn't let me sit in it or
pop the hood - a great sales technique.  With the tinted windows it was
kind of hard to see, but I think it came with a steering wheel and a cup
holder.  Salesman said the car would be in Toronto on display next week.

Don Muirhead