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Thrash your Audiis they deserve it! (was - RE: Wheel Bearing Failure)

Here's your problem; "....does not throw the beast around"

- Sorry I don't have the answer to the bearing problem but I couldn't resist
that line!  (-:

Audis, like Audi lovers, are masochists.  They respond well to and really
come alive when thrashed.

Remember that a good thrashing is not abusive, just extreme.  The engineers
where designing for Autobahn cruising by emotionally repressed Germans, who
like any normal human beings will look for a way to relieve their stresses.
The Autobahn and some fine German iron have solved that problem since around

An engine, or an engineered system - the Audi - designed to run at high
levels of stress - will respond well to, operate most efficiently at, and
last longer if operated within its design parameters. North American Audis
driven in a "Stately" and conservative manner are like a thoroughbred tied
to a milk wagon. It'll get fat, cantankerous and won't perform as well as it
used to.

Remember: throttle is 'on',  'off' or 'cruise'

Cruise; Speed at which you change the tire pressure - taken from filler

Only kidding a bit -  ;-)

Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ 10V - Well thrashed when the boss isn't around (and sometimes
when she is!)

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Subject: Wheel Bearing Failure

Around a year and a half ago shortly after I purchased my 87 5KTQ I replaced
both front wheel bearings. Yesterday, when removing my rotors in order to
change them, I found that BOTH of them were shot. Both have excessive play.
have not finished pulling the struts yet so I have not taken a close look at
them. I purchased the bearing from Blau and had my local NAPA store
machinist/owner press them into the struts. What could possibly have gone
wrong? My wife did most of the driving and she is very cautious and does not
throw the beast around. Any insight would be appreciated.

John Katos
87 5ktq
many Alfas