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RE: OEM oil filter fitment rebuttal/commentary

Argh! I hate it when I 'assume' something and somebody actually reads my

Not Bosch? What do you mean not Bosch?

So at 1:15 am I grab my flashlight (that's 'torch' for you Brits) and crawl
under the car looking for the 'Bosch' I know to be written on my black and
white filter right next to the 'VW' and the four rings.  ????!!!!  It's not
there! Son-of-a-.....!

Please re-read any of my drivel regarding the aforementioned oil filters to
read: OEM Audi - Primarily for the Turbos and for piece of mind otherwise.

Gotta get some new glasses. Scratch that - gotta get some glasses.  Right
after I get my head examined - too many hallucinations.

Peter Berrevoets
1990 200TQ 10V - I think it's a 10V, maybe I should double check...  ok, now
I'm hallucinating again....

Tanks for reading whut I wrote eh!

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Peter, AFIK, in 26 years in the business, Bosch has NEVER been the OE
supplier of oil filters to VW, Audi, or Porsche (or to Mercedes Benz 0r
to BMW).
I've seen Purolator (the red European ones), Mann, Hengst, Mahle, and
Knecht. Never Bosch.
In fact, while the others mentioned have had the highest ratings in
several really serious comparisons, the Bosch products have not been
consistently up there with them. There is, floating around the lists, an
interesting survey of filter brands that started out as a Mopar thing.
I'm sure it's in the archives somewhere. Read it, it'll open your eyes
to both the world of oil filters and the world of marketing. HTH, John