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RE: 4000 CS Quattro VIN

> Under the hood VIN, at the 4th digit is a "Z" as in zebra. Through my
> research, a "Z" is not possible for that digit position. So I look a some
> Audi doc's in the glove box and the number is different, the 4th
> digit is an
> "F." Well that can't be either because that tells me that it is something
> other than a 4000 CS Quattro model. Can anyone shed some light on this?
> Should I be concerned?

Only the North American market uses all the 17 digits in the VIN.  The ones
that are not used in the rest of the world are marked with a "Z".  The VIN
that is stamped in the engine compartment is just the base World VIN.  You
need to look at the VIN on the drivers side dashboard or A pillar.  That
will list all the appropriate numbers.  I wouldn't trust the numbers in some
documentation you found in the glove box as that could have come from
another car to replace a lost owners manual or whatever.  Of course, the
dashboard itself could have been replaced also.  You could also check for a
label on the drivers door jamb.  This will also list the VIN...assuming that
hasn't been painted over.