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Re: OEM oil filter fitment rebuttal/commentary


There is even the question, is a Bosch filter Bosch and is
an Audi replacement filter OEM?

I bought an replacement Audi filter and a Bosch filter for
my '96 A4Q.  They both look EXACTLY the same.  Both made in

Some, if not all, Bosch filters made in the USA are made by
Champion (a statement directly from Champion).  Therefore,
they are not Bosch filters.

It is probable that some of the replacement filters, and
other service parts, you buy from Audi in NA are not
original OEM.

A good approach might be to simply stick with good quality
filters, such as you mention below, and purchase based on


| From: John Larson <jdlarson@ix.netcom.com>
| To: quattro@audifans.com
| Subject: OEM oil filter fitment rebuttal/commentary
| Date: Saturday, July 17, 1999 8:42 PM
| Peter, AFIK, in 26 years in the business, Bosch has NEVER
been the OE
| supplier of oil filters to VW, Audi, or Porsche (or to
Mercedes Benz 0r
| to BMW). 
| I've seen Purolator (the red European ones), Mann,
Hengst, Mahle, and
| Knecht. Never Bosch.
| In fact, while the others mentioned have had the highest
ratings in
| several really serious comparisons, the Bosch products
have not been
| consistently up there with them. There is, floating
around the lists, an
| interesting survey of filter brands that started out as a
Mopar thing.
| I'm sure it's in the archives somewhere. Read it, it'll
open your eyes
| to both the world of oil filters and the world of
marketing. HTH, John