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RE: Audi 100 Gives up the Ghost for Owner


Lucky escape or what, I hope the a****hole who hit you gets prosecuted real good and that you sue and win for millions.

Speedy recovery


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		From:	mark byrum [mailto:markbyrum@erols.com]
		Sent:	19 July 1999 14:37
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		Subject:	Audi 100 Gives up the Ghost for Owner

		Five weeks ago yesterday I was "T-Boned" on the driver's door in my 1990
		Audi 100 (non-quattro).  I attempted to clear an intersection while
		driving "Pearl" in order to allow a firebrick  with sirens and lights
		going pass from behind me.  Unfortunately at the same time, a fellow
		coming on the cross street to my left either decided to clear the
		intersection by accelerating through it or tried to beat the light as it
		was changing.  In either event, I was "T-Boned" on the driver's door at
		approx. 40 to 50 mph ( the police officer investigating the accident
		observed NO skid marks prior to impact - i.e. no brakes were applied).
		I haven't seen "Pearl" since the accident, but those that have tell me
		the driver's side door was displaced more than 1 foot and the driver's
		seat was crushed in so that where my butt sat was less than 1 foot
		wide.  Now there was a time when my butt was only that wide, but that
		time has passed.  I survived (obviously - or no e-mail) with a fractured
		pelvis (in 3 places), 4 broken ribs (left side), ruptured diaphragm and
		spleen, collapsed lung (left side) and many bruises (left side -
		including a Motorola Star-Tac cellophane holder bruise right on my left
		hip).  The interior of the driver's door panel was straight and intact.
		My wife's comment to me at the ICU after seeing the car was, "in the
		future, we are buying nothing but Audi vehicles - that car saved your
		life."  I agree.  USAA insurance gave my $5,500 for Pearl as a total
		loss (109K miles).  I was satisfied with that figure.  Hurrah for side
		door beams and for German engineering.  Now left with only 2 Audis, I am
		recovering well and I remain
		Very Truly Yours,
		Mark W. Byrum, Jr.