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The Lowdown on A3s, S3s, etc in Denver

Here's the deal on all of the strange Audi's (A3s, S3s, 2.7Biturbo A6's,
etc...) we've been seeing in Denver lately.  I was up on Mt. Evans yesterday
and ran into two German's testing out some weird sub-Polo VW (can't remember
the name).  They were actually from Siemens Automotive in Regensburg,
Germany.  I asked him about all of the Audi's that have been sighted in the
Denver area lately and he said they were from a separate team of his that
was in Denver last week testing them.  Alas, they are now gone so I didn't
get to see anything interesting.  The VW I saw was pretty cool though.
Smaller than a Polo, 4 wheel disc brakes, 15 inch wheels, dual exhaust
located in the _center_ of rear bumber, a la Boxter.  Nice engine.  1.4
liters and 125 hp.  Not too bad.  It'll never come to the states though,
according to this guy.