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Re: Downright annoying brakes and warped rotors

    Brakes are not stuck at all.  Only when I am braking do they squeak.  It
seems that the pads are just too metallic.  They get very hot when I'm
driving like a maniac around town, which I do about once or twice a week.  I
am somewhat of a mild mannered driver until I get into my fun drive mode and
I rape the brakes before corners, at stoplights, and in general.  PLUS the
car is automatic so when I get to a stoplight after being a bit hard on the
brakes I sometimes have my brakes on in the same HOT HOT spot on the rotor
for a while waiting for the light to change.  To allievate this problem I
have started to put the car in Neutral and wait with the brakes off when
driving hard.  I bet the rotors are warping cause of to much heat build up
in those spots where the pads sit clamped on after hard braking, or am I
being silly?  I will try organic pads soon, I haven't a clue even what brand
are on the front, the rears are ATE.  What brand is the best around town -
go fast, brake HARD, all around fast driver pads?


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