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Bomb replacement problem

I recently had the master cylinder replaced on my '89 100 and was told that the pressure accumulator was bad.  I have noticed for several months the brake light activating for several seconds after braking.  Based on these data, I obtained a replacement accumulator (matching Audi p/n as original, newer style with O-rings instead of crush washers) from DADS recycling and attempted the job myself.  I followed the procedure detailed at:  http://20v.org/brakprob.htm#bomb and now find that the brake light stays on all the time, braking force is greatly decreased (heavy pedal force required for basic stopping) and steering side-to-side is also difficult (I am avoiding driving it until I know what may be wrong). 
Although approx. 1 liter of pentosin (green 7.1 type) was recovered between emptying the reservoir and disconnecting the hose from the front of the accumulator, only approx. 0.25 liter was sucked back in during 8 or 9 minutes instead of the typical 5 minutes of idling during the refill process.  That was the first clue that something was wrong.  I performed five cycles of lock-to-lock steering for self-bleeding and noticed the pentosin level drop but still used nowhere near the 0.5 to 1.0 liter estimated in the instructions.  I see no evidence of leaks and am trying to figure out where I messed up.
1)  I didn't follow the correct process?
2)  bad replacement accumulator?
3)  other ideas? 
I would appreciate any ideas!!!  Thanks.
Adam Dixon
'89 100