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Urquattro hall sensor works...kinda, sorta

Update:  The "new" hall sensor, 035 905 065 A, works in my 1982
urquattro distributor, 035 905 206 L (Bosch # 0 237 028 003), after
a bit of trial and error.

I was able to swap the black electrical connector from my old hall
sensor to this new one so that it would fit the distributor and
the ECU wiring harness.  That only left the question of whether or
not the newer hall sensor would work as-is in the car.  The answer
to that is "NO".

I installed the distributor and lined it up with the camshaft and
crankshaft marks, as usual.  After failing to start, I tried the
high-tech approach:  turn the distributor 1/2" counter clockwise
and try again.  After 2-3 attempts, the car fired right up and
seemed to run fine.  So, the question of whether or not the hall
sensor would work in the car at all can be answered with a "YES".

Now I am trying to correlate the current setting of the hall
sensor with TDC of cylinder #1.  It does not make much sense to
me at this point.  The alignment mark on the distributor is
about 1" counter clockwise from the alignment mark on the hall
sensor trigger rotor. 

Question:  What position is the #1 spark plug attached to on the
distributor cap in relation to the black hall sensor connector?
When the distributor housing and hall sensor are aligned, my
rotor points between spark plug wires 1 and 2 on the distributor

One good thing about all this is that I found the cause of my
hot-start problem.  The ground wire coming out of the hot start
relay connector (and the stage 2 radiator fan relay) was frayed
and broke right off as I was poking around the wiring harness.

'85 CGT, '82 urq
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