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UrQ brake help request

HI all,

Okay, my first big problem with my 83 UrQ.  Yesterday, my brakes failed, luckily just AFTER getting off the freeway onto a side street.

So, pulling up the driveway, I find a steady leak of fluid from somewhere in the front center of the engine bay.  I don't have it up on jacks yet to find the source, so at this point I'm asking for your thoughts on what all, in addition to the failed part, should I consider replacing while the brake system is on the repair schedule? Not much has been done to the brake system (97K on the car).

BTW, I just got my QCUSA membership and I'm hoping to have this car at Road America at the national in September.


Steve Switzer
83 UrQ, 84 CGT, TT someday

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